Arena Glass

where business meets twisted minds

Brand reinventing means a business reinventing. To tell the truth, some of Ukrainian businesses are trying to stay unchangeable as long as it possible. But when you want to sell in a new way, call hot heads of youth. Arena called us.

Also, we created the e-commerce website with all vital functions and settled web possibilities for future marketing.

Brain Sectors:

Branding, Design,


Logo, Visual Identity,
Guidelines, UI/UX, Web-Design,
Adaptive & Responsive Web Design,
Strategic Marketing Plan


3 months

The logo & Visuals: the nature of glass and mirror

We all know how the mirror works. Nevertheless, it’s still one of the most mystique objects in each day routine. The reflection is so like me, but the mirror itself is cold, and plain, and sharp angles. How to take a photo of a mirror?

We’ve been inspired with the history of glass and mirror, architecture, modern interior design. And those riverbeds lead us to new image of Arena. The glass is a lense we use to observe the world from our personal space. The glass is a plain skin of our apartments, frozen tears of doors and wardrobes. The mirror is a lying layer of space, the best experiment field.

The Web of Arena: glass gallery + mirror boutique

The new Arena became opened for its customers, easier to browse and share. Thanks to deep UI/UX development, we get things neat and clean. All functions due to modern e-commerce demands were installed.

Look, the typical functions list was moved to the side panel to add the column of the ionic harmony. The typography made text and numbers clear. Isn’t it nice?

Design system of delighted simplicity

We’ve trying to create a feeling of space and neatness, as you visited a shop with a famous czech glass beads but looking for slightly bigger products. Also, the stylish color accents keep everything bright not pale.

Faster and easier glass shopping

The main aim of our development was to comfy our TA with a modern and smartly functional webstore. Even in the product categories we’ve trying to express our care and make it exceptionally understandable.

Can you see this light betweeeeeen us? On the smartphone?

...And we took care of the adaptive version for Arena website. All functions are saved.

The P.S.

We would like to make even more changes for Arena, in marketing way, too. So we just complete our contract with a hard hearts and let Arena follow its typical flow.

We hope this business will have a new wave of rise thanks to new mimic wrinkles on sales landscape. And somehow thanks to our work.