The most thrilling experience of creative agencies connects with giving a birth to a brand. The picture framing company called us to create a name and the visual base for a brand for further communications. The requirements were to inbound the company with the frames of traditions and to create bespoke visuals connected with technical issues of art production. We've challenged the call considering the art people needs.


Naming, Branding, Design


Logo & Identity


1 month

"Madera" as a meaningful name for Spanish originated picture frames sellers

The key product is Spanish originated picture frame created due to the Baroque design traditions from the XVII century. For the last four centuries, the most valuable features in framing stayed the same: the wood quality, the mastery of carving and compliance, the fitting simplicity. The knowledge of this profession passed from the master to his pupil. That's why the traditions are so meaningful.

Madera translates as a wood from Spanish. It's also a type of red wine with deep and slightly harsh taste. During a brainstorm session, we chose this name as the most suitable for the company. It sounds great both in English and Ukrainian bringing the right feeling ad hoc. It's wavy due to M and firm for D and R. The vowels connect all consonants in a sound harmony.

Now, the visuals.

Madera emphasizes the beauty

The typography style is based on simplicity and modern applicability of the brand. We choose an adaptive type for all company needs. It looks solid with such kind of type everywhere - from the printing pieces to the web.

The symbolic simplicity and timeless mastery are basic brand attributes narrating about accordance to the highest demands of art.

We created the picturesque and still simple brand for Madera from scratch. Hope, you enjoy it, too.